Monday, October 03, 2005

Box Thinking

All of us have participated in discussions of working outside or inside the box. Several questions come to mind:
Are there boxes within boxes?

Who constructed the box?

Who maintains the box?

Are there box police?

We find in tightly hierarchical society smaller boxes with those inside closely networked and linked.

Encouraging thinking outside the box causes pain and expense to some possibly due to perceived change, chaos or potential chaos, or lack of control.

Too many people thinking outside the box without any control leads to chaos and much inefficient behavior.

Many types of business, especially those in idea creation, encourage thinking outside the box encouraging innovation, new ways of thinking, perceiving, and doing.

There is probably always going to be a need for people thinking outside the box with unlimited control, close to chaos primarily because it causes many others to think beyond where they have limited themselves. However, in many regions the boxes are too tightly drawn and controlled.

Allowing only thinking within the box gives control to those who are already there and to those who create and maintain the box. It is exclusive in that those outside are not supported by the community.

There is a need to expand the box to be more inclusive of people and ideas. People previously (thinking) outside the box are not included and linkings and connections are encouraged and more readily accepted as there is less threat of chaos. New linkings encourage economic growth. There then is greater possibility of innovation within the box.