Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thoughts on Cookie Dough

I was thinking today about how food ingredients change when they are mixed, handled, or have their temperature changed. An egg fried whole is so different from an egged whipped and fried. Cooking adds another level of complexity.  Fresh baked bread is something special but not as good when it has been allowed to sit and cool. Toasting the bread brings out nuances not noticeable when it is just a slice.

Flour, sugar butter, molasses, eggs, and vanilla on their own are questionable but after combining, the mixture is something special. Many of us still can't decide whether cookie dough is better before cooking or after cooking.

People are much the same as the food ingredients. Taken alone they are okay. The outcome differs when they have been been through some sort of process and then have the heat of the world applied than when they have not been prepared. Sitting in front of a sunny window on a bright cold winter day changes us all as we soak in the rays.   Most of all, when we are in community, we become something special as a group and for many we even grow better when the heat is on.