Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Listen and Be Passionate

In business and in life most of us want to to be told what to do. We wait for our bosses to tell us what to do. We wait for our leaders to tell us what to do. We wait for our consultants to tell us what to do. We wait for our computers and televisions to tell us what to do. In this way we lessen our accountability for failure. We stroke the egos of those who are self selected to lead rather than following the examples and best practices of those who have demonstrated the behaviors that move the community forward.

What occurs is that we also lessen our ability to succeed. We have lost our passion. We become satisfied with five and ten percent growth when what could be occurring is five and tenfold growth. That growth is needed to counter when growth cycles slow in other areas in the community.

Waiting to be told leaves us dependent on others. There is a large difference between being told and listening. In listening we are accountable for what we actually do. We make a leap of faith in how we behave, in what we do, in whom we trust. We become passionate in what we do and we grow every day. We need to listen to the stories. We need to behave in ways that build trust. We need to relate our own passions to those that listen.

Don't wait to be told. Don't ask to be told. Listen from within to what you are called to do and do it. Be passionate and follow your own lead.