Saturday, December 31, 2005

Flying Away

The first week of the New Year a friend of mine flies off from Cleveland to Phoenix in search of a satisfying and appropriate position of employment which he was unable to find in Cleveland. We had a going away party for him at Grovewood Tavern on Friday and I sure am disappointed that he had lost a vision of hope in Cleveland; but, when one has been looking for two years, you have to “do what you gotta do.” I am not disappointed in his decision, but in the situation that led to his leaving and I wish him well.

A mutual friend of ours is currently a community/civic leader there and is starting him off with a number of contacts in his network. The report is that Phoenix does not have the supportive communities that Cleveland does which is probably because Phoenix is one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

I am firmly embedded in Cleveland although I have been in his situation. As a sixth or seventh generation Clevelander my social networks continue to grow and my communities are tremendously supportive. I thoroughly enjoy what I am doing and the people I work with in all my endeavors.

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