Sunday, February 19, 2006

Social Network Analysis

The picture here is that of a network map utilizing the software of Valdis Krebs. (see Valdis is someone with whom I collaborate in my work in Northeast Ohio. The software helps visualize collaboration within a cluster of individuals and organizations and creates a method of analyzing changes and growth in relationships.

We are using the software to show the impact of work in regional economic development utilizing open source economic development methods developed and implemented by Ed Morrison, Betsey Merkel, Susan Altshuler, myself and I-Open partners.
(see I-Open) The nodes at the center of clusters represent people who have attended civic forums regarding developing a innovation network in Midtown Cleveland. Those attending have been asked to submit the names of those with whom they have shared ideas, mentored, or received advice.

There are some people who have attended who are also on the submitted lists and there are some people who are on several submitters' lists.

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