Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rules as Commands vs Rules as Guidelines

I believe that we should rethink any action that leads to new rigid rules. It isn’t whether or not there are rules; it is how rules are written. Rules should be less commands and more guidelines for collaborative behavior. Always again, the Golden Rule. The fewer commanding rules the more we rely on ourselves as community to provide for safety and security.

How can our community guidelines lead us to accountability, collaborative behavior, and transparency?

How can we move away from controlling behavior into leveraging, guiding, and linking behavior?

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Sue said...

Start with definitions (shared meaning is good), then questions. For discusion: Accountability: One person has an accountability, not a group or team. Means you can be counted on for performance and delivery in an agreed-upon area.
Everyone who needs to know, knows who to go to and who they can count on, as the accountable person.

Responsibility: You have a commitment to the overall success of the task(s) at hand, regardless of accountabilities. Rsponsibility expands upon one’s accountability and is consistent with one’s commitment for the success of the whole.
Responsibilities are clear to all, and can be shared, but do not diminish one’s personal commitments.