Monday, September 13, 2010

Help the Economy: Buy More, Have a Baby

Growing the U.S. economy boils down to depending upon more people buying more stuff.

The economy, in order to grow, needs to have more purchases. To do my part in helping I need to buy more. If each one of us doesn't buy more, then there needs to be more of us. So we are encouraged to have more babies, allow more immigrants, and live longer. If the US population doesn't increase then we depend on the rest of the world to increase in size and desire. If you don't or can't participate then encourage your friends and neighbors to get busy buying and/or having productive sex.

In order to afford to buy more, we need to make more money by producing more goods and services and then sell those to more people.

Manufacturers help people buy more by building in obsolescence or by using marketing to sell stuff not really needed. Politicians help by mandating projects or practices that require spending. Then there is the whole idea to get everyone in the US to buy US goods only and in other countries to also buy US goods and services at the expense of not buying from their own countries.

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